8:44 PM, Friday, September 24th, 2010

Appu PappuBangalore: There is a trained Cambodian Orangutan (an animal resembling man) to mesmerize viewers in this film with its acting as part of the story partly set in scenic locations in Cambodia (Kambhoj). The producer is Soundarya Jagdish who deserves  praise far his determination to do this film with a manlike animal which does all that a boy actor does in a day, in a casual known way. Director Anantharaju has brought the storyline without effort, after discussions in film circle sessions. The Orangutan succeeds in holding our attention by doing its part well.

Appu Pappu
Mangalore : A couple lives separately in a clash after the birth of first-born child. Abbas and Rekha play this couple, with master Snehith as the child growing up to be Appu. The film is good package for family audiences in this atmosphere which moves to Cambodia from India.
Appu’s father Ramesh works in Cambodia in a posh hotel and his estranged wife Deepa has some office work there. Appu taught by his grandfather that Ramesh is in Cambodia, wants to see him. On way Appu’s bag gets exchanged with another containing a secret. A thief plans to recover the bag of secret (a pen drive) and employs Pappu (the Orangutan) to steal the bag of secret. But Appu and Pappu become close friends after an accident. Appu wants to unite his parents. Gangsters in 2 groups follow Appu and Pappu, who are rescued by an Airhostess who contacts Cambodian police. The tense moments towards the end have to be enjoyed on the screen.

Appu Pappu
It is a lavishly made film in Kannada. The man-like animal (Orangutan) and master Snehith steal the show on the whole; all main roles are done well. Hamsalekha has given the background music. Songs sung by Shankar Mahadevan are earful. Photographer Krishna has done a good job with his top angles. Children are likely to make loud noises in theatre.

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