“Arya Samaja” : a threat of its Destruction in city

9:44 PM, Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
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Mangalore : If a Temple or a community gets an outside threat, be sure that is good for the temple and the community, because it creates a lightning  effect to force people to unite under one banner to face the enemy. Now it is Arya Samaj, earlier it was a Church, or a Dargh, or a Narayana Temple in Rajkot. Threats materialize into an attack only after people get ready for a go.
Arya Samaja near Balmatta in a lane, got a threat of total destruction from a phone call on July 21 (Wednesday) evening. The call may be a hoax from a weak man, but Hindu outfits were ready to protect this century old religious / social Organisation that rises above religions to unite men and women in wedlock, as in Delhi.
Hundreds of Hindu warriors kept waiting for the enemy to fling a stone, if not destroy, at the Arya Samaj premises late till night on July 21, and Kadri Police were on the hunt for the unknown mischief mongers at the site.
Sharan Pumpwell led the Hindu contingent of over 200 persons ready for defence. After the Hindu outfit left in the night rains, the police were still on guard all through the rainy night to save Arya Samaja which unites in wedlock boys and girls of different communities. Indeed a marriage had taken place at the Arya Samaj hall, before the foolish threat came ringing and disturbing peace. The fundamentalists among the elders could only wring their hands after the marriage was over. There is no honour – killing tradition on the west coast, as in the North India, especially Punjab. The local Police are alert and usually foil such attempts at Islamic justice of a Medieval era. The police will soon be able to arrest the mischief mobile caller at short notice and close the case.


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