“Buntwal Janardan Poojary” Opposes Bundh on July 5

6:33 PM, Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
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Mangalore : Buntwal Janardan Poojary (BJP), the giant congress leader of DK dt. came down heavily against the total Mangalore Bundh and national holiday observed on Monday (July 5) at the call of NDA and Left Bloc parties against sixth price rise in the last 2 years on petroleum products intended to break the back of common people in India. Poojary held his press meet in the Patrika Bhawan to criticize the BJP/CPI(M) led Bundh Programme which was a total success on Monday in Mangalore.

Poojary speaking on July 6 at noon, declared that the opposition parties had no right to hold Bharat Bundh or its variations. According to the Supreme Court judgment order passed in 2002, no Party or any other political body can order a Bundh which suspends trade/production activity for the day at immense loss to the nation, he added. The parties that organize Bundhs should bear the costs (expenses and losses) of such ruinous activity, he thundered.

Elaborating on the matter of closing down offices and schools, markets and factories on the Bundh day, Poojary stated that the political parties have a responsibility to the people and the nation. Heavy losses have taken place on July 5 due to a senseless closure of public life, he pointed out. Karnataka has suffered a big loss of Rs. 30,000 crores in business and other matters of economy. Will BJP and JD-s, besides the Leftists make good this huge loss ? he asked. Even the Supreme court should intervene in the matter and ask the opposition parties to fill up the losses of a single working day, he argued.

The cow protection bill is an act against the SC orders. The ruling party (BJP) has shown scant respect even to the Lokayukta who is a retired SC Judge. Human rights have lost their essential value. Law and order have failed miserably, Poojary roared. The congress raised the petroleum prices only once, but in 1998-2004 other parties raised them 25 times he added.
Kallige Taranath Shetty, Harikrishna Buntwal, Suresh Bhandary, Arun Coelho among others were present on the dais.


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