“Elsamma Enna Aankutty”

7:46 PM, Monday, September 13th, 2010
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Bangalore:  Scripted by Sindhuraj, it fails to impress with a quiet expected end, from a moderate steady beginning. The central character, Elsamma, survives her battles in life like a son, and not a daughter. There is a sub-plot of an anti-liquor campaign launched by the manly girl against local brewers. But Lal Jose has the uncanny ability of making an ordinary plot look appealing on screen. He builds up the story on a hilly village, somewhere near Idukki. The story has its struggles, or strains.

Elsamma’s feminity remains as the main character. She fights injustice as woman. Ann Augustine is in the believable title role as a debutant. Kunchako Boban as local dairyman is comfortable with his role. Indrajit looks a city dweller to perfection.
With some improvements in the story and script, the film would be better off and not so trudging aimlessly as it is now.


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