“Solidarity with W. Bengal” Day observed in city today.

9:23 PM, Friday, September 17th, 2010
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Mangalore: A Solidarity Day with West Bengal people against Maoist / Trinamool Congress Atro cities in the last few days, was observed at the state govt. Hall in Mangalore today at 5pm.
Balakrishna Shetty of CPI (M) presided on the occasion, with B. Madhava, secretary DK dt. CPI (M) unit making the main speech.

Solidarity Day
The district leader referred to inhuman atrocities and violent acts of some vicious political forces of late in Bengal, who wanted to dislodge and remove the 33 year old longest CPI (M) regime which brought peace and popularity to WB govt, and the people. These notorious forces failed to displace a ruling govt, by democratic means. Attacks were waged on left front, mainly CPI (M) workers on regular basis. Since 2008, over 150 activists were hacked to death. It was a dangerous development in Bengal that UPA member, Trinamool Congress, led by Mamta B. was involved in such attacks, he said.

It was necessary under these air circumstances, to express solidarity with the sufferers, against Maoist goondas and terrorist Trinmools Congress workers, he explained.

He called upon all well-wishers, public admirers of CPI (M) rule, to stand behind the CPI(M) govt, in Bengal in full support to bring prosperity and peace in the state.
K.R. Shriyan, K. Yadava Shetty, U. B Lokaya, Vasant Achary, all leaders and their followers were present on the occasion.


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