150th Birth anniversary today of Bharat Ratna M. Visveshvariah .

7:01 PM, Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Bangalore:  He was the first reputed Indian engineer of the world class fame and built the Kannambadi dam, Bhadravthi Iron & Steel Factory, and earned the Bharat Ratna title from govt of India. He came from a poor family and had to labour hard for his education to become a civil engineer, before he overcame poverty with a job in Mumbai PWD. He studied in Bangalore.
He was the pioneer of Sivanasamudra power project and Jogfalls electric project. He became an engineer in Mysore and later Dewan (Prime Minister) of old Mysore state after Sir Mirza Ismail. Both retired to live in Bangalore near Akashvani and Raj Bhawan in adjacent homes.
State Bank of Mysore, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, a dam in Yemen, several industries was his creations.
His is an indestructible character of virtue and encouragement to fellowmen in various fields of activity. He lived long and crossed 100 when PM Jawaharlal Nehru came to Bangalore in Lalbagh house to honour him before a distinguished gathering in 1960.
His is an enduring name in the history of India during British Raj and as a free country.

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