3-storied building collapsed near Vorkady

11:53 PM, Sunday, August 7th, 2022

BuildingManjeshwar  : A 3-storied building collapsed near Vorkady in SunKadakatte. Two days in the past, a small crack was discovered within the constructing, so the outlets and others that have been working in it have been evacuated. An enormous accident was prevented by this.

The building owned by Surendra Pujary of Sunkadakatte.

Vorkady Panchayat BJP Committee office, Life Insurance Corporation office, tailoring shop, furniture shop and 4 residential rooms occupaid in this building.

Even though it was a recently constructed building, the occupants of the building were evacuated only a week ago as cracks were found. A few months ago when the dilapidation of the building was noticed, the owner repaired it but the building developed crack again.

The reason for the collapse of the building is said to be the use of poor quality cement, emsand and the construction work done by inexperienced North Indian workers.

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