400SEZ affected people storm DC office in city.

11:06 PM, Thursday, August 12th, 2010
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Mangalore: MSE Zone’s 400 sufferers from 1000 families have been learning technical course at KPT in Kadri, but in the last two and half  a years, no employment has been provided and they feel cheated. They did not attend their classes today, only to storm and surround the DC office for redressal of their grievances.

They were uprooted from their original homes with broken promises of a ready job after training for MSEZ opportunities.
The 400 students who left their classes were backed by Thokur welfare committee and Permude Sufferers Committee leaders in their plan to face DC for a definite job opportunity. Only 18 students who completed the prescribed training were given jobs in MSEZ. It was 3 years ago that 2200 acres of inhabited land was turned over, to MSEZ by the state dispossessing the present students of their future. The land was made over to ONGC-MRPL, MPL and other.

Although the sufferers who lost homes were given new quarters, there were no basic amenities provided there, the agitating students complained.
In 3 years one member from every family out of 1000 such dispossessed families were promised help by new jobs, but on Monday last at après release, only 188 more persons in the second batch were assured of jobs by the big companies in MSEZ. There is no hope for the present students undergoing various courses as yet, they explained, simply because they courses they     want us to learn are not in KPT, the students argued. Naturally the affected students are in a turmoil.

This is why the 400 students boycotted their KPT classes and stormed into DK-DC office it is stated. The DC spoke to ONGC, local chief Prasad by phone, and assured the youngman that by end of August 2010, the problem will be solved tot heir satisfaction.

However, the anxious students and their leaders have warned that more severe steps will be taken in September, if the August promise is broken.

Thokur Committee chief T.A. Khadar, president Muktananda Melant, secretary Arun Chowta, Permude Committee chief Bhujanga Shetty, Ullas, Shameer and students of KPT were present in the attack on DC office today, and spoke to Mega Media News exclusively.


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