Congress leaders on Warpath against ruling BJP on Bellary Mining

3:00 PM, Monday, July 26th, 2010
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Bangalore : Trust the Congress to hide its foolish acts such as misusing flood (2009) relief funds collected from the public, and the BJP to commit more mistakes to lose power given to them by the voters until they are never wanted, as in UP and Maharastra. Presently, on Sunday July 25 the Congress leaders like Deshpande, Shiva Kumar and Siddaramaiah got ready to walk 320Kms from Bangalore to Bellary where mines of iron ore and manganese have been looted by Congress Ministers and MLAs from 2000 onwards, as testified in the Vidhana Sabha on separate days by CM himself who gave a list of minelords and then by Gali Janardhan Reddy who went a step further and named many more Congress MLAs who were Mine owners.

The walk is designed to save Karnataka when according to the Congress leaders, treasuries are empty, there is no development worth the name, corruption is on the rise in every lane and office where govt, has an office, and ministers are too strong to give shock treatments or do surgery in the state to reform government.
Bellary has become the symbol for personal riches colleted by politicians – industrialists at the cost of the state treasuries / taxes collections. Hence the Padayatra to Bellary to save Karnataka. It is where the Andhra looters disguised as Reddy Parivar, led by former Andhra CM Rajashekhar Reddy from Hyderabad, planned large – scale Mining setting aside border stones and other markings to make super – rich wealth for their own careers, at the cost of two states. Now, how Congress will purify the mines taken on lease and clothe them in legal clothings in Karnataka, if not in Congress Andhra, has to be seen.


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