5 complaints against CM in KHC : Legal action mounts on BJP

7:13 PM, Monday, January 24th, 2011
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Yeddyurappa BharadwajBangalore: CM Yeddyurappa faces 5 complaints from two lawyers of KHC who have been permitted by state Governor to file cases against Yeddyurappa, his family members and those involved in giant scams since 2008. The five complaints made in a local court, cover 15 cases, explained CH Hanumantharaya (CHH) a senior lawyer representing the original 2 lawyers who had only 2 complaints to start with.
In all 15 cases, CM Yeddyurappa has the unenviable position of being the no.1 accused., CHH added.  The list of accused has CM’s Family and friends, and friends of sons or son-in-law. The scandal money involved is Rs. 465.32 crores loss to state treasury, and a gain of Rs. 189.75 crores to several beneficiaries known to CM.
Governor’s sanction to this legal action has put CM and his family members and their friends in jeopardy, with Lokayukta looking on with keen interest.


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