A 32 year old nun of Murugha Mutt (Nivedita) weds 22 year old Chetan Bhovi.

9:42 PM, Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
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Mysore : This nun from Chitradurga, who has worked for about 15 years in Sirsi at the Muruga Rajendra Mutt, and ordained by Dr. Shivamurthy MR Sharma, a highly respected Lingayat Guru who has toured foreign countries and recorded his memories in weekly Kannada articles in VK from Bangalore, has surrendered her vows to marry a 22 year old young man (ten years younger to her) on Tuesday, and what was a kidnap case about Chetan Suresh (22) has transformed into his marriage with Nandita Bhavi alias Nivedita now. The ex-nun is the daughter of late Manjappa Bhavi, and was heading the Sirsi Mutt branch of Muruga Rajendra central mutt. Thousands of her devoted followers in North Kanara have been non-plussed by this lure of sex and an unexpected married life.
But her training may fail her as a devoted wife in wedlock, once physical yearning is satisfied perhaps, Dr. Shivamurthy did not expect such a silly disrobing of a failed nun in to a house wife!


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