A biodiversity scientific exhibition at St.Agnes College Today

4:30 PM, Thursday, January 27th, 2011
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Biodiversity scientific exhibition Mangalore: A 3- day Bio-diversity was opened at St.Agnes College on Thursday, Jan.27, as part of the Annual Day Celebrations. The expo on wild life was inaugurated by Madhyastha, A Wildlife Board member. It is open between noon and 9am. Speaking on the occasion, Dr.N.A.Madhyastha stressed on the need to preserve bio-diversity provided by nature on earth, which was reducing day by day due to human interference and want on destruction of wildlife. Pesticides, plantations, ownership of streams and water bodies disallowed wildlife to flourish on Western Ghats, a sensitive area of tremendous bio-diversity, he said.
There is a biologically diverse earth and natural surroundings around us which require study and not destruction. Birds constitute a major part if it.
Explaining the exhibition, Prof.Ita D’Souza said it highlights how life on earth is maintained. It contains research done by students of science, she added.


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