A Memorial for Martyred Doctors will be built in Arogya Soudha : Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar

12:01 AM, Friday, July 2nd, 2021

Arogya-SoudhaBengaluru : A memorial will be built in Arogya Soudha to commemorate martyred doctors who laid their lives during pandemic, said Health & Medical Education Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar.

Speaking on the occasion of Doctors Day celebrations at Arogya Soudha, Dr Sudhakar said that only soldiers who died during the war are being referred as martyrs. More than 700 doctors have died during their Covid duty. Since doctors and Health warriors are died during the war against Covid-19, they are also been referred as martyrs. Govt has decided to build a memorial in Arogya Soudha to commemorate their sacrifice. A model will be designed soon and will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister. Families of the martyred families can come and pay respect to the memorial on a fixed day. Said Dr.Sudhakar.

People are paying homage to the war memorial in Delhi. Sililarly this memorial will also serve people to pay their homage. On behalf of Government I express my gratitude towards all medical community who are serving relentlessly during this tuff time, he added.

The issue of stipend has been there from several years. Our govt has increased the stipend by 30-40%. In a historical move our government has recruited 1,763 medical officers. Also, 2,050 doctors are appointed on one year compulsory rural service basis. More than 1,000 doctors have been appointed to Medical colleges. Overall four thousand doctors have been recruited. Said the Minister.

Warns Attackers

Relatives of patients attacking doctors and medical staff is highly condemnable. Doctors try to save the lives of patients till last breath. No one lets them to die. People should not take the law into their hands. Strict legal action will be initiated against the defaulters. It is punishable offence up to 5-7 years of imprisonment, warned Dr.Sudhakar.

Speaking at the IMA function Dr.Sudhakar said that all doctors should register themselves in IMA. Government is considering to pay more stipend to those working in rural areas, he said.

Other Points made by the Minister
• Visionary Dr.B.C Roy’s contribution to the medical field is immense. Health sector has better infrastructure today inspired by his ideals.

• More doctors should come forward to serve in rural areas. It is not to be done by force by the govt/court’s order. Our soul is the greatest court.

• 250 PHCs will be upgraded this year.

• How is it possible to vaccinate 2.25 Crore people if we have shortage of vaccines? Congress should stop politicizing this. Speak with statistics. Centre has provided 9 lakh doses of Covi-Shield today.

• Students will be given priority to get vaccinated as classes will be started soon. I will discuss the matter of providing more vaccines with the Union Minister in my Delhi visit on Monday.

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