A mentally deranged woman attempts suicide in Balmatta circle in city today

3:55 PM, Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
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Mangalore : Swapna, a mentally disturbed women, was seen climbing a tower of a building at the Jyothi circle to attempt suicide around 9 o’clock on Tuesday, and the police were duly informed. The police identified her as one who was disrupting traffic in Kodialbail circle and Hampankatta since five days, and had been chased out. Today, passerby saw her at the Jyothi circle going up the Tower of a building and probably trying to jump down.

She was dissuaded from taking her life by Dr. Arun Rao, a well known psychiatrist and some Fire Brigade men who went up behind her. Dr. Rao took the initiative to talk to her and pacify her, while the firemen succeeded in bringing her down from the Tower top. Dr. Rao was on his morning walk when he noticed the insane woman going to take her own life. She was sent to a hospital for medical care by the police.


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