Aati Amavasya in Aug 10-Today.

8:42 PM, Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

PIC :Karthik Studio B.C. Road :

Mangalore:  This year’s black-moon day falls on Tuesday, today. Tuluvas on this day drink a very bitter and medicinal drink made of a bark of Palemara (its collection is done by elders in forests), with spices like garlic, pepper and cumin seeds.

The idea is to protect health in climate change, or to overcome disease in stomach brought about by eating whatever food is available in Monsoon which does not agree with human body, or to remain unharmed by the evil spirits. The Paale tree  has medical properties only on first 3 days of Aati for making the decoction (Kashayam).

After the drink, people visit temples on Narahari hill (B.C.Road), Kaarenjeshwara (Vogga Bantwal), Kirimanjeshwar-Kundapura and elsewhere traditionally, and take a bath in tanks, before seeing the deity to pray for health. Tulu people believe  in spirits to protect good health in rainy days.

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