12:08 AM, Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

AbhinetriBengaluru : Despite being an open secret that Abhinteri with the tagline ‘The Tragedy of a Legend’ is a biopic of legendary actress minugutare Kalpana, the  makers constantly denied it and finally released with the disclaimer stating that any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Well, after watching two-and-a-half hours of ‘real’ tragic on big screen, there emerges a coincidence that the tagline of the film and the experience of watching it has greater resemblance!

Apart from the fact that at last a film is made ‘resembling’ the rise and tragic fall of minugutare, Abhinetri remains a big disappointment. With the change in names of real personalities and everything revolving around the ‘star’ for obvious reasons, it kicks off with the struggle of Sharath Latha (Pooja Gandhi) to become a star in the film industry. Next, the ghory truth of casting couch unfolds as Sharath Latha thrives hard to become a film actress.

AbhinetriPooja Gandhi who turned producer for this courageous act should have at least shed some weight and further the entire casting who appears aloof from portraying the intended characters on screen. While comparison becomes inevitable in such ‘resembling’ projects, where the director recreate several famous scenes from minugutare’s filmy career, Pooja Gandhi despite putting her best ever, fails to impress and dubbing her own voice in the film makes it even more worst.

While playing minor roles in drama companies Sharath Latha manages to get her first break in the film industry through a successful comedian in Sandalwood who had the teething problem. The devil of casting couch continues marking the men who came in Sharath Latha’s life before she become Nanda on screen. No marks for identifying the men here including the one who rings up her career to her downfall. Thereafter pushed to corner, another journey in drama company which ends tragically. Without the apt visuals by the cameramen, and the music scored by Mano Murthy, it could have further made it difficult to bare the entire making.


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