ABVP demonstrates before MU against illegal appointments in Mysore.

3:52 PM, Saturday, August 28th, 2010
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Mangalore: The local ABVP members demonstrated on Friday in front of Mangalore University’s administrative block against illegal appointments made in Mysore University under post Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sashidhar Prasad, son of another from V-C,  Dr. D. Javare Gowda.
Criminal cases have been filed against Dr. Prasad and Dr. Syed Akhtar, the first V-C of a Women’s University in Bijapur for making unlawful appointments. But the Governor who is above them, was protecting them, ABVP charged. Its local secretary Vinay Jadhav criticised D. Javare Gowda for corruption elsewhere, and had resorted to Satyagraha to save his son’s status. An effigy of Dr. Prasad was burnt on the occasion by ABVP irate members. 


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