ABVP Mangalore division resents violent attacks by Kashmir separatists through street battles.

6:24 PM, Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
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Mangalore: In a letter sent by Pawan Kumar, city secretary of ABVP to Prime Minster in New Delhi, through local DC (V. Ponnuraj) on Wednesday, after a demonstration against Kashmiri Muslim separatists who used local youth for violent attacks on streets against security forces, he stated that the separatist call was given by a handful of politicians in Kashmir valley in the 1990s. These few leaders have joined hands with terrorists in recent years to create violent scenes in Srinagar and elsewhere in Muslim-dominated areas. Pakistan has added Masala to these agitations and when police had to fire, over 70 citizens have died on roads, including youth. Over 500 vehicles were damaged by mutineers. Over 3000 citizens were injured in combats, properties worth crores of rupees were lost or damaged in unnecessary struggle and fights. The state govt run by Omar Abdullah, a youth, has failed to find a solution to local problems, the letter said.

The armed constabulary sent from Delhi to protect the peaceful citizens of Kashmir (only a third of the entire state, but Muslim in majority) have to protect themselves now. Many armed / security forces have been recalled under a peace plan. CRPF has only a limited strength and has difficulty in curbing local violent forms of protests / shows.

The separatists spread over Muslim parties in Kashmir have conspired through such violent agitations on roads to obtain autonomy, but total freedom is out of question when J/K/L state is a part and parcel of India like other ceded states in 1948. These separatist leaders take Pakistani aid to increase their violent activities without any capacity to govern the 3 faced state of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. People in this Himalayan state suffer terrorism, apprehensions and loss of peace in Kashmir, the ABVP leader pointed out?

The ABVP placed 5 demands before the union govt to solve Kashmiri problems or face more troubles through its own indecisions. Several city ABVP leaders were present in the delegation that handed the ABVP letter to DC on Wednesday noon at DCO.


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