AC court refuses civil court orders; danger of being seized

8:24 PM, Monday, March 21st, 2011

AC CourtMangalore : Around eight distressed parties had taken legal action against the assistant commissioner’s (AC) court on March 21, Monday for refusing the verdict given by the Second Additional Senior Civil Court.
The parties said that AC court was supposed to raise the compensation given to the families of Malavoor during land acquisition for the development of Mangalore Airport in 1999.
The government had fixed the rate of land as Rs. 1,100 per cent for this project to all the people. But eight families, refused to accept this rate and had appealed to the court for proper compensation. Hence, the civil court ordered the AC court and distributes the increased compensation Rs. 7,240 per cent. But the AC Court ignored this order and forced the families to appeal to the civil court.
However, eight parties are identified as Cheyyabba, Beefathima, Badruddin, Hasanabba, Abdul Khader, Sadu Shetty, Rajeeva Shetty and Ahmed Beary, had appealed to the court demanding just compensation.
Finally Assistant Commissioner Prabhulinga Kavalkatti requested them to grant the AC court a week’s time to discuss the issue with concerned officials.

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