Air Crash Victims’ families satisfied with Kerala HC order on compensation

5:49 PM, Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Crash Victims’ families satisfiedMangalore:  The families (about 50) of the victims of an Air India Being crash (on 22-05-2010) who did not receive the final compensation, are happy that the Kerala HC has ordered has ordered the company (Air India) to pay Rs75 lakhs to each of the surviving families.
The company had informed that many of the bereaved families had taken whatever was given to them by way of reimbursing possible losses due to the death of bread-winners in that crash on an early morning. Those who refused smaller compensations dolled out to them as in sufficient, fought for a reasonable amount in the final installment, which took an year now instead of only 3 months, as promised by a union minister in may 2010.
They joined the Mangalore Air Crash victims; Families Association, led by Mohd. Beary, who welcomed the present order. Beary stated that counsel Nanavathi for Air India arrogantly refused to provide justice, cursing the Civil Aviation minister(Praful Patel), but the Kerala HC ruling now will meet the ends of justice for which the Association had carried on a fight for over an year. If Air India did not the ordered amount, the fight would continue he added.

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