Airport trolley retriever handed over recovered valuables to passenger

2:34 PM, Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

Airport staff Mangaluru : In keeping with Mangaluru International Airport’s continued endeavor to serve the passengers with a safe and secure experience, Mr. Ashraf Moideen, a team member, who is trolley retriever, spotted a valuable looking bangle at the exit on the lower ground floor of the airport terminal on Monday.

This diamond studded bangle belonged to the relative of a passenger who had come to receive her relative, who had flown in from Bengaluru. When the relative realized that her bangle was missing, she informed the passenger, who in turn, approached the airport terminal manager at the lost and found department, seeking assistance in locating it.

The aviation support group of CISF who were aware of the incident and missing report, received a message that the airport security team had received a bangle that Mr. Ashraf Moideen had handed in. They escorted the passenger to the parking lot where Mr. Ashraf Moideen handed over the bangle post identity verification process.

“The joy on the face of the passenger on receiving her precious bangle was the most fulfilling part of my day,” said Mr. Ashraf, who initially mistook it for a piece of imitation jewelry. The relative of the passenger also shared special memories that were connected to the bangle.

This was the second instance where Mr. Ashraf had recovered valuables belonging to passengers and handed it over to the authorities concerned.

With the commitment to provide the best-in-class travel experience, Mangaluru International Airport continues to uphold the highest standards of health, safety, and security measures throughout the transit process.

Mangaluru International Airport strives for an unsurpassed excellence by creating a safe, secure, and efficient air hub while creating distinctiveness with art, culture, cuisine, and a curated retail offering that places innovation at the fore front.

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