All you need to know about Iron Ore.

8:26 PM, Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
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Bangalore : Iron ore is available in plenty all over India, but the drum-beating sounds come only from Karnataka, which has its own folklore and songs.
The Central govt has woken up from its Kumbhakarna slumber to the danger of closing mines of natural wealth (Mineral in nature) in view of an over exploitation of iron and other ores like gold and coal for export purposes and making easy wealth while destroying the environmental purity by pollution in mining and transportation by roads to sea ports.
A Mineral Authority is likely to be created to watch over illegal mining and indulgence in ore exports because of the hue and cry over Bellary Reddy brothers, who were cyclists in 2005 and millionaires in 2009 with AP CM Y.S.  Rajashekhar Reddy’s active assistances until his death.
The proposed Authority can proceed against unlicensed mine owners and their loot. CM Yeddyurappa has welcomed the proposal and rejected the ‘small cash’ out of ore exports, when his govt. had other ways to make crores of rupees by taxes.


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