Alva’s Virasat cultural events acclaimed by crowds

12:00 PM, Monday, January 17th, 2011
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Alvas VirasatMoodabidri: On Sunday last, the six day cultural event at Alva’s Virasat came to an end.  Mal-kambh’ (climbing a greasy pole) by Rajasthani (Jodhpur) artistes, a Bir Khalsa dance from Punjab, a cosmic Shiva dance by Samudra group of state artistes of Kerala, (Talwar) Sword dance by Rajendra Ravat of Gujarat, and a Bhavayogi dance from Udupi by Bhargavi, were put on stage for the lavish appreciation of the arts lovers., at these bustling occasions.
Alvas VirasatA West Bengal dancing troupe performed ‘Purulia Chav’, choreographed by Jeevanram Sullia, on a Buffalo hunt by five lions kept the audience dazzled. The dance form has been taught to local students by Basu Mahato in view of their regular involvement.
The events were managed well and presented with high discipline all the six days of the Virasat (Kingdom) period. People from several walks of life visited the Indian culture extravaganza that has enriched Indian unified culture and arts. There were over 100 foreign visitors in the audience.


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