An enormous public meeting held at Bellary stadium

9:54 PM, Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
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Bellary: Kanteerava stadium would have overflowed, or it reminded one of Nehru’s meetings at Ram Leela grounds, but here in Bellary it was addressed by third generation Congress leaders from Delhi and Bangalore on Quit India Day (Aug 9) to invoke Mumbai’s memories of 1942.

Practically everyone of those who belonged to old Mysore, coastal Karnataka and North Karnataka connected with Congress was there.  Motamma, the Dalit opposition leader, made a good impression by her soft speech, while aggressive roaring speeches from male leaders passed of one by one. SM Krishna, Veerappa Moily,  G.N Azad, Hariprasad, M.Kharge and Oscar Fernandes came from Delhi. The entire event was well organised by KPCC led by R.V. Deshpande and his deputy Shivakumar, who were presented with heavy (10kg) maces of silver in Molakalmuru on way to Bellary.

A lot of momentum was generated, but that would not call for a snap election and / or a governor’s rule for 6 months with extensions, if necessary. The momentum would not be sustained by internally quarrelling ego characters of those in Congress since a long time and those who migrated into it later from another party.

Hence, it has been called a show of strength in Bellary without power behind it, to remove the 3 ministers from Bellary, however much they are criticised. Even the governor could not do more and referred the matter to the President and PM.
There is no guarantee that those who were present in the huge protest rally against illegal mining and exports in a decade, (2001-10) would vote for Congress in 2014. The speeches had no quality, even MP Prakash failed to impress. The leaders should learn to address better in such giant rallies in state.


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