Andhra Handicrafts Exhibition “Lepakshi” opens today

2:34 PM, Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Andhra Handicrafts Exhibition “Lepakshi” opensMangalore: The port city has become a major confluence of marketing products and Andhra Handicrafts / Handlooms are no exception to this pool of sales.

Andhra Handicrafts Exhibition “Lepakshi” opensAn Exhibition – cum – sales Emporium was opened on Nov.11 at 10 am  and it will function upto 22nd, for 12 days in the port city of Mangalore at Woodlands Hotel venue near Jyothi Cinema Circle. The event was inaugurated by Mayor Rajani Dugganna, who in her speech lauded handlooms and handicrafts, also Toys and Dolls production in India which provided bread and butter to lakhs of poor rural people, and the state govts as also the Centre helped them to market these well groomed products all over India, she said.

Andhra Handicrafts Exhibition “Lepakshi” opensThus Andhra is now in Coastal Karnataka through its artisans and their magnificent creations for sale. People should patronize these materials more and more at the middle class and working class levels, and create avenues of rural development for the traditional dedicated artisans of handicrafts, toys, dolls and handlooms.

Andhra Handicrafts Exhibition “Lepakshi” opensThe earnings from the sales should go directly to the producers and not to the middlemen, to raise their living standards. There is a growing demand for these articles coming from one state to another, thereby improving mutual sisterly relations of these neighbouring states with India as a larger market, Jacob D’souza of the Handicrafts Development Department said.

Andhra Handicrafts Exhibition “Lepakshi” opensK.V Subbana, Manager of Lepakshi and Hotel Manager Ramesh Bhat among others were present. 50 stalls arranged in the show contain handlooms items and many other rural products from Andhra.
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