AoL Ravishankar Guruji in soup: Death threats in return for huge funds.

9:01 PM, Thursday, July 1st, 2010
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Bangalore : A complaint has been registered in the nearest police station in Bangalore by Art of Living teacher Ravishankar Guruji by goons who want crores of rupees from him on the demand payment, or his life. Ever since naxalites have been learning under him and he has been making huge wealth even as a monk, watchful eyes have been counting his money. First the tower that he built for his Asharam and  then, a huge entrance fees for the courses of Sudarshan Yoga and other lessons, Guruji is no longer a poor mendicant but as rich as his Guru, Mahesh Yogi who is no more.
The persons threatening the Nobel peace prize candidate of 2007 have told him that immoral activities are going on in his Ashram! They have demanded to take the gas out of the balloon by asking him for Rs. 43 cores only. Film director and militant Agni Sridhar appears to have made the threatening calls on his mobile phone to the AoL Furu.
The police have registered the complaint from the Vishalakshi Sadan of Guruji. Sridhar, not to be left stranded, has made his own complaint to the city police (around Kankapura) against the modern sage. It appears that Agni went to Ravishankar to talk about a piece of land and on return was baffled to find that a police complaint against him had gone out of the Ashram (hermitage). Agni told pressmen on June 30 that the Ashram provided his phone number to the police, making him a villain in his own drama.
A Keralite had bought 15 acres of land near the Ashram, but the latter had illegally swallowed this land from him (Paul of Kerala), a businessman. Even after several requests, Guruji did not attend to this illicit encroachment. Paul asked his friend Agni Sridhar to talk to the AoL teacher, who made encroachment of another’s (neighbour) property a lesson in Art of Living. The second lesson was complaining against the mediator. The talks have led to unknown phone calls threatening the AoL Guru Ravishankar with dire consequences. That is not all.


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