Attack on Employers of “Mochi” showroom by Goondas at City Centre mall.

9:05 PM, Saturday, July 31st, 2010
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Mangalore : Some goondas have attacked the assistant Manager (Razin) and others employed in “Mochi” a celebrated shoe-selling firm with many branches in a dozen cities of India, when they went out to wash hands after meal on Saturday (July 31) afternoon. The attack was for a silly reason over hand – washing but the goondas had carried weapons that could injure Tow -seriously and admitted yenepoya Hospital  Mangalore.

The basin was outside the showroom and Razin just wanted to wash his hands there. A sturdy man confronted him asking, “why you are washing hands here?” when Razin answered him, the goonda lashed at him and chased him upto the “Mochi” showroom. A neighboring shop salesman, Imtiaz, who protested also, got blows from the white Jubba clad ruffian.

Both received serious injuries from the gang of about 15 goondas who broke glasspanes and threw the materials of the showrooms around. Several invaluable materials under sale were destroyed by this gang of ruffians, reported the employees in a complaint when Mega Media visited them.

Mangalore North Police arrived on the scene soon and registered a case of looting and violence at “Mochi” branch. The goondas have escaped in the meantime, and a dragnet of police is thrown around to catch the offenders in a group.


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