Auto-rickshaw drivers’ union staged protest against hike in fare

7:58 PM, Thursday, August 12th, 2010
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Mangalore: Federation of Karnataka Auto-rickshaw Drivers Union (FKARDU) and Centre for Indian Trade Union (CITU) staged a protest in front of DC Office on August 12, Thursday.
Speaking at the protest, L T Suvarna, General Secretary of the District unit of FKARDU, said that at present day, there is price hike for fuel, insurance and all the essential commodities which leads to difficulty in leading the normal life.

He also said that, over 10,000 auto drivers are facing a tough time because of the unjust policies by the district administration.
The minimum fare of auto-rickshaw (for 1.5 km) must be increased from Rs. 13 to Rs. 16 and additional fare from Rs. 9 per km to Rs. 11 per km, he said.
We have submitted the memorandum to the DC V Ponnuraj in this regard, but no response from him is gained in return, he added.
Vasanth Achari, CITU Leader said that, the situation has aroused where most of the auto driver around the state is staging protest.
There are various facilities and schemes for auto drivers, but none of them are implemented by the government.
He said that the recent increase in the prices of petrol have affected the earnings of auto drivers.
Sunil Kumar Bajal, District President, FKARDU was present.


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