Autorickshow drivers meet R.T.O for fare rise:

8:57 PM, Monday, July 19th, 2010
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Mangalore : Whenever the oil and petroleum products go up, the bus owners in DK may not demonstrate for a higher ticket charge, but trust the auto drivers to approach RTO with a fresh grievance and fares have gone up from Rs.8 to Rs.14 or more, as demanded by the federation of AR drivers on warpath whether meters are fixed or not, drivers want money, not for humble service, but because petrol price have shot up. When crude oil prices went down by half (140 US dollars to 70 per barrel) they did not reduce fares voluntarily. They also swindle unwary passengers in city by taking them on longer routes.  They do not allow passengers to enter the auto, if they do not like the route by which passengers want to reach a place. The hungry auto drivers will not come to passengers in the afternoon or at night with a meter running. They turn down the request of clients to take them to a destination, if automan wants it not.
But on Saturday (July 17), representatives of the federation of Autorickshow Drivers’ Unions in DK dt went to the additional dt, magistrate and RTO with memorandums seeking higher city fares for auto vehicles with a minimum basis, as the Central Govt, had increased LPG, petrol and diesel prices, besides higher prices prevailing on space parts, Tyres, insurance, registration fees etc.
The demand is to fix the minimum fare at the Rs. 16 for the first 1 and half metres and Rs 11 for every Km thereafter. L.T Suvarna, Dt General Secretary of the federation, stated that a 15 percent rise in waiting as well as luggage charges also was sought on existing rates.
The delegation meeting RTA on Saturday also asked to take a decision soon and announce it as early as possible.


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