B.J. Poojary to be raised from the dumps by KPCC and AICC

7:22 PM, Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Bangalore : The little thin and humble man from DK dt. Who swears against BJP while keeping his initials after it, has held many party position in All India National Congress (not NCP), as it s national General Secretary, President of KPCC (twice), MP (Lok Sabha thrice and Rajya Sabha) and after his series of election defeats in 2000-08 to the Lok Sabha, has been dumped by Congress in Gokarnanath Temple development and education field. He recently took out vegetarian supplies morcha to Ullal Dargha to keep his friend ship with Muslims, when Billavas did not help him to win a seat, but his rival moily got elected from Bangalore neighborhood to be Union Law and Justice Minister. Both are staunch Congressmen but follow different destinies.
Presently, everything is not well with KPCC and its reputation over misuse of funds collected for 2009 flood hit masses of North Karnataka. RV Deshpande and DK Shiva Kumar le
ad 2 different groups and there is in fighting between coastal and old Mysore bloc Congress leaders. The AICC leaders in Delhi cannot think of anyone other than B. Janardhana Poojary to hold a high ranking post to radically change KPCC from a dull horse to a race-winner Derby. The old horse in Poojary is as incisive in tongue as it was in his youth. When AICC and KPCC are recognized after Sonia Gandhi’s expected re-election, B.J. Poojary may be given a high party post in the absence of BK Hariprasad and R.V. Deshpande not able to make their mark as yet.

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