Bajarang Dal begs pardon for interference in Mari Gudi Idol removal case.

4:07 PM, Saturday, June 26th, 2010
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Bajrangdal Gave a Public apology  the Mogaveera community

Bajrangdal Gave a Public apology the Mogaveera community

The Bajarang Dal and its senior VHP were on their knees before the large Mogaveera (fishermen) community of several villages as Hindus, for the Dal volunteers’ interference and hiding of the Serpent God near Mari Gudi (Urwa) out of bounds without seeking prior permission of the Naga worshippers early this week. The Mogaveeras who had supported Bajrang Dal and Hindutva were in two minds to continue or not.

The land, where the Nagabana and serpent image were kept, was on sale and Dal members wanted to save the image and spare gratitude of the worshippers. But Dal went beyond their limits and earned the resentment of Mari Gudi administration and Mogaveeras in their enthusiasm.

That is when VHP and M.B. Puranik had to enter and remove tensions. Bajarangis had no ground to walk on and they publicly apologized to the fishermen’s community, for removing the Naga idol, in a meeting held on Friday. But the idol (Serpent) has not been re installed.


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