Balakrishnan Holds GM Laxman

4:04 PM, Sunday, July 11th, 2010
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Mangalore :  Sixty eight players are leading with 2 full points at the end of 2nd round of the 4th Mangalore Open FIDE Rated Chess Tournament being held at Subramanya Sabha , Mangalore.
Balkishan of Karnataka surprised top seed GM Laxman by holding him to a draw in a long game of 113 moves. Laxman opened with the Catalan game to gain some positional advantage in the middle game against the youngster.  The game steered into a queen and pawn endgame where the youngster defended well to split the point.
2nd Seed  GM Praveen Thipsay beat Ameya Karandikar from the black side of the Two Knights defense in 33 moves.GM Neelotpal Das of ONGC outplayed Gavi Siddaya of Karnataka in a double rook endgame after gaining a pawn in the middle game to convert it into 33 moves. Karnataka’s IM Thejkumar beat Yohan of Kerala in 31 moves from the white side of the slav defense.On the 9th table IM Praveen Kumar of ICF was unable to overcome Madhusoodana Bhat of Karnataka to draw the game in 33 moves in a Colle Zukertort game.  Vinayak Kulkarni held Shivananda to a draw in 61 moves after the latter could not promote his center pawn in the rook endgame since Kulkarni rook played an active role.

Bo.  Name Club Pts Res. Pts Name Club
1 Laxman R R ICF 1½  drew with 1½  Balkishan A KAR
2 Ameya Karandikar MAH 1 lost to 2 Thipsay Praveen M MAH
3 Satyapragyan Swayangsu IA 2 beat 1 Sekar B TN
4 Gavi Siddayya KAR 1 lost to 2 Neelotpal Das ONGC
5 Thejkumar M S SWRly 2 beat 1 Yohan J KER
6 Shruthi K KAR 1 lost to 2 Venkatesh M R BPCL
7 Rathnakaran K SRly 2 beat 1 Augustin A KAR
8 Ramalingam Karthik TN 1 lost to 2 Sangma Rahul DEL
9 Praveen Kumar C ICF 1½  drew with 1½  Madhusoodana Bhat S KAR-DK
10 Santoshkashyap Hg KAR 1 lost to 2 Murali Krishnan B T TN
11 Prakash G B TN 2 beat 1 Sumit Kumar Jha UP
12 Kulkarni Vinayak KAR 1½  drew with 1½  Shivananda B S KAR
13 Udeshi Aditya MAH 2 beat 1 Malla Nooka Raju AP
14 Chakravarthi S V C AP 1 lost to 2 Abhishek Das SWRly
15 Maheswaran P TN 2 beat 1 Gautam J K KAR


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