Beyond Counting dollars is social service

1:19 PM, Saturday, March 10th, 2012

RBI  New Delhi: India is no longer poor, RBI may be poor because it has no paper to print real currency notes or genuine metals like brass or nickel to mint coins.

The GDP rate may be down to 6.1% and 60% people may be BPL citizens in India with 40% youths among them below 35 years of age.

Yet India is rich, not because of Rs.25 lakh crores in Swiss and other bank abroad in 60 years a very heavy foreign loans repayment charter or charge-sheet, if you like faced by UPA government.

Yet, India is not so poor and no comparisons with either China, or USA, but India is third largest economy in the world, and above poverty as 4% of world’s millionaires are in India at present, in accumulated accounted wealth.

There was a time in 1991 when India took gold bullion in stock at RBI to UK Treasury with Man Mohan Singh as Finance minister carrying the yellow stuff by air to Bank of England.

But under the same chap as PM for a second term India has in 2012 crorepathis (Rs 1 crore=Rs10millions), by the dozens among Ambani brothers, Azim Premji N.R. Narayan Murthy, a number of MPs/ministers/MLAs in a world list headed by Bill gates and Warren Buffet of USA.

In a list of 1 2 2 6 money lords all over the world a Mexican in Telecom business is the richest with 69 billion (=100 crores) dollars (x50 in rupees).

His name? (Carols) slim! How Slim man can be? (when he is so fat!)

There are 48 rich persons from India in the world list.

Another 9 Bharathiya crorepathis are in Indonesia Ireland Thailand Britain and United States of America of Indian origin.

The India-based affluent persons (48) own Rs 19,460 crores of rupees of among them selves.

Mukesh Ambani (54) is the richest among these with Rs 2230 crore in his name and he is 19th in world list. There are two women entrepreneurs in Indian list apart from men like Anil Amani and Laxminivas Mittal. The women are from Jindal group (Savitri.J) and Sahu-Jain group/Bennet colemans (Indu Jain), both in the north India.

The question is, what will they do with so much wealth? Whom is the personal Wealth going to benefit?  Whose poverty these crorepathies will remove in a patriotic spirit?

What happens to temples wealth in south India? What about the black money kept abroad, and inside India by local betrayers of state and people? Is it only for counting?

The money they have, has no real merit, only Snakes will guard that unwanted wealth, Whether of Ambanisor of B. Gates or slim on the globe.

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