BJP government benefited large number of minorities: N B Abubakker

3:10 PM, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

N B AbubakkerMangalore: N B Abubakker, president of Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation Ltd said that after the BJP government came into power the minorities have got more benefit.
Speaking at the press meet held at Circuit House on May 3, Tuesday said that the BJP government has given funds and loans for the minorities more than 10 times compared to the previous government. The previous government had given the fund of Rs 14 crore for the development of minorities, but this year the government has given the amount of Rs 185 crore.
He also said that, the government through the NIIT scheme is providing job opportunity in the ICICI and IDB banks. The corporation is targeting 60 candidates for the job in the year 2010-11.  The candidates with the education qualification with BCom, MBA and accountancy can apply for the post and the state government will provide three months training in the centres like Mysore, Belgaum, Gulbarga and Bangalore. The corporation will give training fees of Rs 55,000 as the loan at 2 % loan. After 6 months the corporation will provide the permanent job in the banks and the candidates have to repay the money Rs 5000 every month.
The corporation will also provide the loans of Rs 2,50,000 to the farmers to purchase the land. In this around 50 percent will be the subsidy by the government and 50 percent must be paid by the farmers. The farmers have to repay the loan with the given time of 10 years with 6 percent interest once in 6 months.
The loans to purchase 3 cents of land for the construction of houses will receive 1 to 3 lalks Rs loan with 4 percent interest. If the people own land then the loan will be given for the construction of house at 4 percent interest which must be repayable within 36 to 60 schemes.
The government has also sanction the fund of Rs 50 crores for the development and repair works of the Christian institutions and churches. The head office of Minorities Corporation will be made computerized completely and only the order letter will not change the format.
As per the government order around 80 percent of the fund is given to Muslims, 10 percent to Christians and 10 percent to other groups.
The members of the corporation like Abdul Kunni, Arif, Fazeel Asaigoli and others were present at the press meet.

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