BJP in two boats: Reddy brothers group on defensive tactics.

8:52 PM, Thursday, July 29th, 2010
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Bangalore : When the KPCC persisted in a 320 Km walk from Bengaluru to Bellary on Sunday last (July 25), Reddy Brothers camp was in a flutter like doves when a cat jumps in. The walk had no popular support and was mainly a diversionary tactics by Congress to make people overlook misuse of Floods Funds (2009) for office expenses and deposit in a bank rather than to construct houses for the flood stricken North Karnataka population.
The two Reddys wanted a reverse walk from Bellary to Mysore which BJP local leaders or not in power did not want. The Reddy brothers had to think hard and get a bail out of the situation, when CM was not on their side and was ready to punish anyone who did illegal iron ore wealth.
The ruling party is now in two boats, one carrying the Reddy group and other led by CM and party chief together under the threat of Supreme Court and Lokayukta sanctions.
Reddys are now fighting with their backs to the wall. They appear to be on the wane so far as their political influence is concerned, whether the  national leaders like Sushma Swaraj, are with them or not. They are doing a walk around Bellary district to garner public opinion favouring them and have a culminating political convention on 6th August in Bellary itself. If Reddy group keeps a distance form the state BJP group, they may not succeed in their game, as state people are not with them. Of course, they have captured Bellary district from the ever bleeding Congress leaders like K.C. Kondiah, but other district people do not know them at all.


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