BJP leaders refer to CM’s exit soon: CM willing ?

10:43 AM, Saturday, February 5th, 2011
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CM YeddyurappaBangalore: After A. Raja’s 2G scam resignation, the B.S.Yeddyurappa’s resignation demand and discussions are gaining momentum inside BJP in view of patent corruption stink rising out of several episodes of nepotism and land grab-scams under probe in Karnataka, which has become capital of corrupt deals.
CM himself, Lal Krishna Advani and Raj Nath Singh have raised the topic on the same day this week, about how the resignation should come about from CM on one fine morning.
While L.K.Advani makes no bones of contention about the matter on CM’s resignation, even before he is proved guilty of corruption, Rajnath allows CM the benefit of doubt and assures one and all who want CM’s head to roll down, that CM would not stand a day more in his post, once a strong case is made out against him as guilty, by Lokayukta or any other probe authority.
CM has already appointed a retired Judge Padmaraj as a one man Commission against himself to conduct enquiry into his ill-gotten wealth. He has declared on Thursday (yesterday) that if anybody showed the documents of a ‘benami” (third party) land deal done by him in writing, he could resign within 24 hours.
CM’s secretary B.J Puttaswamy has exposed Devegowda’s family in land-grab documents on Feb.3 demanding the resignations of Revanna and Kumaraswamy, besides Devegowda, on their promises made to do so earlier. Puttaswamy came out with a list of land deals made by Devegowda or sons and women in the family.
If Advani insists on CM’s resignation on the basis of allegations and 5 cases hoisted upon him, CM can not go over and live in Delhi, to start a new life, where Nitin Gadkari would be suspicious about his character and plans. So CM is in deep trouble.


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