BJP party worker hacked to death at Kannur

3:02 PM, Monday, September 5th, 2016

 Vineeth Kasargod: A BJP party worker hacked to death at Kerala’s Kannur district on Saturday late night. The chains of political murders are continuing without any fail. Clash between ruling CPI-M party and BJP/RSS is drastically increasing.

Vineeth (26) is the deceased person. Police found him at Thilenky road side and he was injured severely. Police took him to Iritty hospital where he was claimed brought dead.

As per the police sources, the clash between CPI-M and BJP has increased at Thilenky area and ended up in a murder.

As revenge to the murder BJP party workers attacked a CPI-M party workers car and injured Jijesh (28).

Body of Vineeth has been taken to Pariyam Medical College for post-mortem. Additional police have been deputed to the area to keep the situation under control.

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