BJP to make criminal record of 7th minister in two years: Vijay Kumar Shetty

6:02 PM, Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
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Mangalore:  Recently the MLA meeting was held at Circuit house of Mangalore, where only BJP MLA’s were present and BJP District president Padmanabha Kottay also participated on the occasion, said Ex MLA Vijayakumar Shetty.
Speaking at the press meet held at District Congress office on September 21, Tuesday, he said that if the BJP party claim it to be a party meeting, then what was the reason behind making DC V Ponnuraj present at the meeting forcefully.
The matter of illegal sand transportation to Kerala by the District in charge minister is not a secret any more. The minister has given the proposal of revised rate for the sand. This has led the common people in problem and made the sand unavailable to any people.
The district’s highway has been distorted since from long time and the District in charge minister in every speeches blame the central government for not releasing the fund. Though the government has released various funds for the development of the road, minister is not interested working for it, he criticized.
The BJP will further make a record of 7 minister involved in the criminal case and leave the ministry ship in two years of power, he added.
Harinath, Sudhir T K, Shashidhar Hegde, Abdul Azeez, Deepak Kunder, Naveen D’Souza, Upendra Shetty and Sinivas were present at the press meet.


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