BJP Yuva Morcha holds Protest Rally and attacks Congress on Flood scam.

10:17 PM, Friday, June 11th, 2010
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Mangalore : A noisy protest meeting was conduct by BJP Youth wing members near Gandhi statue opposite the Town Hall in Mangalore today at 5 Pm. The Congress in state had admitted to a leakage of misapplication of funds it had collected in Oct, 2009 to the time of Rs 2 crores or more, of which Rs 50 lakhs were diverted to other purposes such as office expenses. The leakage of Bank pass book information in KPCC led to the local protest, while Oscar Fernades, AICC leader, is examining the entire episode to report to his High Command.

The funds diverted from Flood donations were used in office expenses and various advertisements in which R.V. Deshpande was allegedly connected. There was a calculated conspiracy and a rivalry between RVD and DK Shivakumar, to discredit each other, so that the KPCC has become a laughing stick on the eve of Rajya Sabha elections in the state, forcing the  Congress national leaders to bend their heads in shame, said Nalinkumar Kateelu, Mangalore  MP at the open protest meeting.

Let the KPCC accept its faults and seek a public apology. There was no limit to the frauds committed by the opposition Congress; as such it should be rejected by voters in view of corrupt practices it was secretly following, RSS leader Madhava Bhandary specified in his speech.

Do not allow Congress to come before people seeking funds against natural disasters again, roared Srikar Prabhu, city BJP chief. Our country was looted by British and other colonial (western) nations, and Congress was following this evil tradition, but they should be stopped, Prabhu added.

The Congress was warming its body when the neighbour’s home was on fire, such a policy was not good. People in North Karnataka have lost everything in 2009 floods and become destitute, but the Congress had collected relief funds in their names and spent on their own family welfare, said Kishore Kumar Puttur, DK chief of BJP Yuva Morcha.

Deputy Mayor Rajendra Kumar, Roopa D. Bangera, Sushma Janardhan, Chandrahas Ullal, Santosh K.Rai, Rajgopal Rai and other Youth leaders participated in the protest Rally.

BJP Youth activists decided to send a box of T-shirts to KPCC chief RV Deshpande on behalf of the flood victims of 2009. an effigy of RVD was set fire to on the occasion.


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