Boy who fought python returns home; sights another snake near house

1:11 PM, Saturday, October 8th, 2016

pythonBantwal: Vaishak (11), the boy who became an overnight hero after rescuing himself from the grip of a python, returned home on Thursday. Coincidentally, a python was seen in the courtyard of his house at Sajipa village in Bantwal.

Vaishak was attacked by a python when he was on his way to his grandmother’s house. Though the snake had a grip on him, he managed to hit the snake with a stone and escape.

Several people gathered at the spot when the snake was seen on Thursday; however, the reptile disappeared into a bush.

It is said, the Bantwal Municipality waste dumping yard is under construction at Kanchinadka Padavu; moreover, Kolake is an isolated place. Locals stated that people from other areas caught hold of snakes and left them in the area which is why so many snakes were visible.

Meanwhile, snake expert Gururaj Sanil said that the months between December and February was the breeding season for pythons. He added that during this time they required more food and so ventured in the open in search of food during October and November. He said that there was no need for people to panic.

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