Burglars Kidnap SBI – ATM in Udupi.

2:30 PM, Sunday, June 20th, 2010
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State Bank of India ATM machine looted in Kinnimulki

State Bank of India ATM machine looted in Kinnimulki

14.06.10 Udupi : Banks have been looted, but ATM?. Now all Banks will keep an armed patrol each against armed burglars; if you believe that in Kinnimulky near Udupi, an ATM was taken away lock, stock and barred, by highly intelligent, may be brawny burglars. It is the first time in the world that such a purely Hanuman like act has been conducted by miscreants who took away (kidnapped with) a whole ATM machine for the cash contained in it, of Rs.14.50 lakhs of State Bank of India.

Police arrived as usual, after the horse bolted away, to close the turf gates, on Saturday (June 12) night. The Police blamed the incessant rains which helped the robbers. The cash machine weighed 600Kg and contained currency notes. The rains did not allow any neighbours to hear the sounds of separating the machine from the ATM and carrying it away triumphantly by the highway thieves. Moisture has deleted their fingerprints, police claimed. There was no closed circuit TV to follow the robbery, the ATM chief for SBI informed newsmen that SBI was forced to suspend cash withdrawals in Udupi ATMs in DK and other districts also are affected by this incident, as ATM safety comes first, Suresh (ATMs chief in SBI) stated. SBI – ATM s will remain closed for some more days, if not weeks.


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