By-elections results tomorrow: High stakes?

6:20 PM, Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
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Mangalore: Tomorrow, Sept.16, the results of the prestigious by-elections held in Gulbarga (South) and Kadur will be out. All top leaders from CM Yeddyurappa down to ex – CMs N. Dharam Singh and HD Kumaraswamy, besides Congress leader of opposition Siddaramaiah, and the widow of ex-MLA (who is contesting) are deeply involved in the outcomes at both places, not only individually but partywise also. The voting had exceeded 60% and was peaceful against all odds and party wishes to claim one or the other seat. All top leaders had canvassed for the 6 candidates in the ring.
CM is in China but he will return on Thursday after the international Conference where he was lionized by Chinese and other organizers. If BJP wins even a single seat CM’s stock will go up and Bellary Reddy group can do nothing against him step by step.


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