Campco ‘Spice Toffee’ released with ginger and pepper flavor

12:20 PM, Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Campco-Spice-ChocolateMangaluru : Spice Toffee’, the new chocolate product by the Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative Limited (Campco) was released by Campco President S R Satishchandra Mangaluru on Wednesday.

The ingredients – cocoa, pepper and ginger – are sourced by Campco from the growers, which is beneficial for them too.

Campco Managing Director Suresh Bhandary has said that ‘Spice Toffee’ is prepared from sugar-based syrup infused with two popular spices – natural black pepper powder and natural ginger extracts.

“The toffee is a first-of-its-kind product in the organised sector. The natural products are used in the manufacture of the toffee and not artificial flavours. The ginger extracts, pepper powder and glucose in ‘Spice Toffee’ are beneficial for body balance and relief from tiredness. Also, it acts as a body-cooling agent and a mouth freshener. It decreases thirst when consumed,” Bhandary explained.

“The price of the toffee is Re 1 a piece,” he said and added that ‘Spice Toffee’ will be reintroduced shortly by replacing sugar with traditional jaggery.

Cartons of ‘Spice Toffee’ were handed over to Ganesh Kumar of Rashmi Enterprises, Kaikamba, and Kushal Gowda of Bharat Traders, Puttur, who are dealers in Campco.

The product is available in select shops. The list of the dealers can be found on

The first television commercial of Campco was also released.

The film has been conceptualised by Heavy Digitals, showcasing Campco Chocolates as an accolade for one’s achievement, be it in the arena of sports, love, music or self-discovery.

Speaking on the occasion, Reshma Mallya, Campco general manager, said that the artistes featured in the television commercial are instagrammers known for their unique qualities and are being featured in a television commercial for the first time. The commercial is made in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali languages.

She also said that Campco is developing its digital marketing platform.

Vice President Shyam Khandige and Director Kidoor Shankaranarayana Bhat were present.

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