Central Cabinet Reshuffle? Ministers develop uneasiness.

9:01 PM, Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
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New Delhi : The Singh Cabinet in the capital is in its second year of the second term, but looks jaded. To save it from mechanical weariness and to inject fresh enthusiasm, Dr. Manmohan is planning a mid-term reshuffle in which tainted and lazy minister may get Red Cards after the Fifa Cup practice. The Lokayukta says there are 150 criminals among MPs and all have not that job for the high and mighty. Some of them (MPs/Ministers) are involved in cricket and hockey, Olympic games and Commonwealth sports, as if that is their main job. Suresh Kalmadi, Sharad Pawar, Arun Jaitlely are in the sports/games associations or ICC and such other world bodies, even IPL series directing or holding shares. Pawar wants 3 more deputy Ministers to assist him as Agriculture Minister. The cabinet is large enough to exceed a pack of playing cards and some may fall off like those cards, after doing a joker or an Acc.
In Congress history, such changes in the cabinet go through several doors and scales of weighing. The UPA is a combination of several parties apart from Congress. Each portfolio has some representative behind it of parties such as NCP, Trinamool, DMK  and so on. The load of high power is borne by each partner, as in communist ruled states of Bengal and Kerala. The uneasy balance can suddenly be overthrown by an irate party under an imaginary grievance or a misunderstanding.
Under such circumstances, Manmohan is at the mercy of Sonia Gandhi (UPA chief), Mamata (Trinamool), Karunanidhi (DMK chief) and several others, despite his prerogative as Pm, so he is not alone. Any wide ranging (or revolutionary) change by the Pm can only happen if he is head and shoulders above those in the progressive alliance. Once portfolios are changed or allotted, he cannot change again, and the appointed Minister could resign as if he did not deserve to be a Minister of state (no deputies here) or Minister of this that portfolio.
It all boils down to one thing: do they love their country, or do they love themselves in Delhi? Cabinet expansion is not the only goal of governance. Who will deliver the goods to the hungry (in every sense) people who rule themselves


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