Central Railway to have new entry point from Attavar

5:30 PM, Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

S K Raina Central Railway Mangalore : Explaining the development took place in the Mangalore Railway Station, Southern Railway Divisional railway manager S K Raina said that the railway station will have an entry point from Attavar side which is directed towards the north and will also establish a booking counter.

S K Raina Central Railway He was speaking at the meeting held on the development in railways held at Kanara Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Nov 9, Tuesday. He also said that there will also be a booking office near Wenlock hospital since there is lot of parking facility.

S K Raina Central Railway The Central Railway station has foot over bridge and the Railway department has sanction fund for the construction of second foot over bridge. These work will start within 3-4 months and will complete in a couple of years, he added.
The member s of organization present on the occasion, shared the local problems in the Mangalore Railway Station, Raina said that only 550 kilometer come under Phalghat zone and this is nothing for the Indian Railways and we must only solve our problems.
Raina also said that the Mangalore Airport station will be established at Jokatte, which will have link with Air Cargo. Since there is level place in Jokatte, the decision has been taken and this will help in import and export facility further, he stated.
Speaking on the foot over bridge, Corporator Appi said that, the state government and the central government has declared to sanction Rc 6 crore each and the rest of the amount will be done by the Mangalore City Corporation. In reply Raina said that there was no level crossing before and he has not received any request from the MCC commissioner in this regard. There is a scheme known as deposit level crossing. In this case, the one who request must pay the deposit, he added.

S K Raina Central Railway During the occasion, Appi questioned in Kannada, to which Raina sarcastically replied in Hindi and tried to change the matter. This raged Annayya Kula of Kannada Rakshana Vedike and he angrily replied to Raina in English.
KCCI president GG Mohandas Prabhu, Hanumath Kamath and others were present on the occasion.

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