Chaos and suspension of MLAs inside legislatures: A bad sign for democratic events.

9:35 PM, Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
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Bangalore : The nation is on evil days and democracy under damage, all due to politicians who are legislators and supposed to be elected representatives of the people. Do the people behave like these errant legislators who invite frequent adjournment of legislative sessions? Do they quarrel for days together on small issues? People are not bored with democracy, but their so called representatives appear to be tired of legislative democracies and want stunt shows to clear their diseased minds.
First it was Karnataka, then Andhra, then Maharastra (in the name of Border wars) and now it is Bihar, when MLAs are at war with the govt. benches inside the legislatures. In Andhra and Bihar, the opposition legislators over 50 each have been suspended. In Karnataka they held the legislature hall under ransom, spent nights inside, had Non-Veg (meat) meals there and demonstrated there until 10 to 12 bills were passed without debate and in a hurry, and the assembly was adjourned sine die (Indefinitely). Who gained by this delinquent behaviour?.
The Congress that ruled the country and states for 4 decades, had not learnt democratic ways of undoing lawlessness and disorder inside the legislature, where today dignity and decorum are thrown to winds and power alone seems to bother any MLA. Power does not come alone in democracy. It is not in switch button like the other power or electricity. The governance is done in a group with co-operation of all MLAs. Disorder may suddenly take place, but for a day, not for days on end.
If it is shameful in Karnataka, the demonstrations inside the legislature by men and women MLAs could be shameless in Bihar. There are variations of this range from shameful to shameless in Andhra and Maharashtra. The MLAs cannot take their issues to people, unless they are in continuing contacts with their people in the state after they are sworn in. the disorders have taken place in Lok Sabha for days together by Congress MPs and BJP MPs in the last one decades, merely because the power has changed hands, and MPs take to looting treasuries by turns under large improvement plans and huge budgets, but swallow the funds meant for national / states development. Young and old leaders have looted the national wealth, whether housing, mineral mining or plan outlays on a huge scale, ending in zero welfare to the Indian people. Do they learn or are trained for anything better?.


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