Chief Minister seeks public opinion on teaching Gita in lower school levels

4:33 PM, Monday, January 9th, 2012

GitaBangalore: Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda has intervened in the matter of teaching Bhagavad Gita in primary schools compulsorily and to ward of shocking controversies, has decided to seek public opinion, on teaching the primarily Hindu scripture, up to elementary levels in state schools.

He wanted a thorough discussion with people in society, to set side bitter controversies, even when Gita was a good tonic to the soul, and could benefit students’ world.

Chief Minister said that Gita belonged to all as a book of basic principles that constitute the World and God who created it.

GitaIt aims to refine mankind and the philosophical teachings had captured the imagination of learned people all the world over, to abide by one’s natural duties as human beings.

Chief Minister referred to the matter on the sidelines of a Gita Abhiyan (movement) started by knowledgeable Math chiefs in city on Sunday.

Madhya Pradesh was already having Gita lessons at lower schools in its curriculum, Chief Minister pointed out. Headed  that the state had neither sponsored, nor funded the Gita teachings.

Primary and secondary education minister Kageri had trigged the basic controversy with rude remarks.

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