Church attack Report concluded in confusion: Mahendra Kumar

10:29 PM, Monday, January 31st, 2011
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Mahendra KumarMangalore : Mahendra Kumar, the then Bajrang Dal convener said that the B K Somasekhara Commission report on the Church attack concluded in confusion.
Speaking at the interaction session organized by Journalists Study Centre at Sahodaya on Jan 31, Monday, he was the one who attended to say the witness for the commission for continuous five days and had spent 42 days in Mangalore jail; hence the final report has been given based on my saying when I was a convener of Bhajarandal.
Mahendra KumarThe commission has spent around Rs 2 crore for the investigation on the report; hence it is their duty to give fair report to the public. But the present report submitted by the commission is not good. It must at least give message and create mutual harmony among the religion, he said.
The report did not even give who attacked the churches. The Vidhan Sabha must do the work of protecting the democracy.
He said that the Christian communities are doing good work for the poor and needy people and these blames on them are changing their image. I have no objection on the sincerity of the RSS, but the elected Hindutva groups are not following the rules.
Speaking on the controversial book ‘Satya Darshini’, is very provocative and it will surely attempt any people to take action against the religion.
The state has already slapped about seven false cases against me in various places including Bangalore, Kundapur, Mangalore, Jaipur (near Sringeri), Aldoor and Singattakere,” he added.
Giving an example of a  Hindu woman who converted to Christianity. He said that, a women had decided to commit suicide with her three children but was saved by Christian missionaries. That was the time I realised that life is more important than ‘dharma’. A lot needs to be done for the betterment of life. My dream is to build a society that values life more than religion,” he explained.
Advocate Naronha, said that after the attack, the commission report clearly stated that, Milagres Monastery was destroyed by Bajarangdal activists led by Mahendra Kumar. He also said that around 12 churches in the state were destroyed by Bajarangdal and Hindu Jagarana Vedike.
He also said that, even during the Kulshekar Church attack, there was access behaviour by the attackers but even then the commission did not consider it. The report given to the commission and the result is not matching, he said.
VHP leader and Advocate Jagadish Shenova, said that during the attack the police officials has taken the only the opinions of Christians and all gave accused Bajarangdal activists not even identifying them.
The final report given by the commission has truth in it and we accept it as a good report, he added.
Sri Ram Sene activist Sharan Pumpwell, Dr H N Watson, Dr Anil Kumar also participated in the interaction.


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