City Centre Attack: 3 get bail from Court.

6:57 PM, Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
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Mangalore : Three offenders (or goondas) who had precipitated an ugly incident of attacking “Mochi” showroom staff for washing their hands after lunch in the toilet room on Monday are still untraceable, local police said here.
A complaint had been lodged against City Centre adviser Dharamraj, Paddu and Harish Shetty as main accused persons in a case that was taken up in the district court. Bail –less warrants were issued by a serious court against the 3 goondas who went hiding after the altercation and injurious attack.

However, three persons Shivu, Manoj and Paddu (Manger of CC) secured bail, and were released due to efforts made by lawyer P.P. Hegde before the court.


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