CM’s fatal attraction for Kumari Shobha K. of Sullia tells.

3:29 PM, Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
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Bangalore: He is 67 and she is not yet 47, and she feels a paternal respect for him (she said that so many times, never blanming him for her ouster from state Cabinet). She was ousted by Reddy Brothers of Bellary and Sriramulu’s sister  Shantha, MP, for her “interference” in Bellary affairs, even as Rural Development Minister when she had to look into village reconstruction in Bellary district.
But now, CM is feeling remorse for dropping his adopted daughter and good looking Shobha Karandlaje for too long and wants her back in his cabinet, which has some holes (vacancies or slots), to be patched up. He wants her in by a secret door, lest anybody should blame him again, or raise a discordant note. The mystery is why he has no courage to do what he easily can, and within his constitutional powers as CM? at 67?
Shobha K, has 3 groups in BJP – opposers (Bellary) status-quoists (Bangalore), and favouring her (coastal). Perhaps she should begin again in a silent way, and work towards stronger and higher levels, and succeed BSY as the next CM boldly.


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